Northridge’s Hornsby Community is a growing multicultural gathering which includes kids church.

Are you local to Hornsby looking for a spiritual home? Interested in exploring the claims of Jesus? Come along this Sunday.

This Sunday

22 September is Freedom Sunday. Thousands of churches around the world are celebrating what God is doing to end slavery today. Jenny Ross will be sharing about her recent trip …

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When and where do you meet?

Northridge Vineyard Hornsby gathers on Sunday at 10 am at StudioARTES, 33 Jersey St Hornsby.

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What should I expect at a Sunday gathering?

At our Sunday gatherings you’ll find yourself talking to people who are followers of Jesus, some who are interested but undecided, some who are sceptical…

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What’s the story behind Northridge Hornsby?

It all started with a shopping trolley. Well, many shopping trolleys actually…

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Whats on in Hornsby Community

Find out what’s happening in the life of the Hornsby Community! More events here.