Gospel of Luke

Gospel of Luke—The rich young ruler

February 23, 2020 Chris Gresham-Britt Evening

Chris re-starts our Gospel of Luke series, taking a look at the challenging story of the rich young ... Listen →

Kingdom Habits

Kingdom Habits – Eating together

February 16, 2020 Kym Sherlock Morning

Kym continues our series on the Kingdom of God and the invitation to God's table that we are called ... Listen →

Vision Sunday

Northridge Evening Community — Our 2020 Vision

February 16, 2020 Chris Gresham-Britt Evening

On Sunday, Chris shared our vision for the Evening Community in 2020. Listen in to find out about wh... Listen →

Jonah - Wild Grace

Anti-Jonahing: Caring for more than your next carpark

February 16, 2020 Andrew Starr Hornsby

Anne Lamott says, "You can safely assume that you’ve created God in your own image when it turns o... Listen →

Kingdom Habits

Kingdom Habits – Blessing and Grace

February 9, 2020 Rob Giles Morning

"If you haven't understood the Kingdom, then you haven't understood the gospel". Rob opens up our se... Listen →

Jonah - Wild Grace

What grace are you forfeiting?

February 9, 2020 Sarah Starr Hornsby

What will it take to drive you to pray? It took Jonah the threat of death, then three days in a fish... Listen →

Jonah - Wild Grace

Wild Grace

February 2, 2020 Andrew Starr Hornsby

Jonah's story fascinates three millennia on. Why? What is it about this prophet's story that capture... Listen →

Kingdom Habits

Kingdom Habits – Introduction

February 2, 2020 Bonnie Giles Morning

Bonnie introduces our new series 'Kingdom Habits' - exploring what the Kingdom is, and how we can pr... Listen →

Sunday School Revisited

Sunday School Revisited—Daniel in the Lions’ Den

January 26, 2020 Mark Anderson Evening

Ando rounds out our Sunday School Revisited series with a fresh take on Daniel 6—the story of Dani... Listen →

Australia Day

He himself is our peace

January 26, 2020 Sarah Starr Hornsby

Australia Day. Humans for all of history have lived with walls of hostility toward the other. They r... Listen →

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