Our Community’s Vision

As one of Northridge’s communities, we contribute to a shared vision of our church, whilst also holding our own vision for what our community could look like on its best day.

Acts 2:42-47 describes what the church was like immediately after the Holy Spirit was poured out, and at the centre of it all is this deep sense of community.

Our vision is to be an Acts 2 community. When people see us, they will see a people who share in life deeply together and share in meals. They will see a community who give sacrificially to the poor and needy – in time, in gifting, and in finances. They will see a church who relentlessly pursues God’s presence, and walks naturally in the supernatural. And even if they don’t understand exactly why we are the way we are, they’ll want in—because they see Jesus in us.

As a community we are passionate about our vision and have thought deeply about how to step towards it. If you want to know more about our vision and how we plan to get there, you should read our latest vision document.