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Evening Community Baptisms + Picnic

Join us as we baptise some of our crew, and celebrate with fish and chips by the beach afterwards!

Baptism is a really special part of what we believe. It’s a physical act that declares you believe in the death (going down into the water) and resurrection (coming back up) of Jesus. It’s an outward sign to friends and family that you want to follow Jesus, but on top of that, it’s an inward decision to put action to the transformation that has happened in your heart.

Join us for baptisms from 4pm at Dee Why Beach on Saturday, 13 April. We’ll be meeting by the beach shed at the south side of the beach.

Afterwards we’ll do fish and chips up on the grassy knoll and watch the sun go down.

No need to RSVP but do get in touch with Chris and Jen if you would like to be baptised!

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