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Opportunities at Northridge Vineyard

Northridge Vineyard Church is passionate about Jesus and the Kingdom of God. We are working to see the life, beauty, justice and freedom of that Kingdom bring restoration to ourselves, our communities and our world. We are passionate about reaching out to those who don’t know Jesus yet, those who carry pain and hurt, and those who are down trodden by the world.

As a church we are led by our Senior Pastors, Rob and Bonnie Giles, who are joined on the board by a group of voluntary Directors. Rob and Bonnie work with our staff to oversee the Pastoral ministries of the church. You can read more about the team here.  As a Vineyard Church we are part of the Association of Vineyard Churches in Australia.

We are currently looking to fill the following positions at Northridge. Please contact [email protected] to apply or for more information.

Youth Pastor

At Northridge, we have a heart to create a place for young people to find friendship, be supported and explore faith in an authentic way. We are looking for someone with a heart to see young people grow into all that God has created them to be. This role involves overseeing the Northridge Vineyard Church’s ministry to youth (yr7-yr12) who attend the youth activities on Friday nights and our middle school age youth (yr5-yr8) on Sunday mornings.

This job is a part-time role for 3 days a week, which includes Wednesday mornings, Friday evenings and Sundays. 

If you are interested, please email [email protected] 

Youth Pastor: Click here to see full job description

Position Title: Youth Pastor
Reports to: Senior pastors
Classification: Part time, salaried
Days: 3 days per week

Position Summary:
We are looking for someone with a heart to see young people grow into all that God has created them to be. This role involves overseeing the Northridge Vineyard Church’s ministry to youth both in middle school (yr5-yr8) and in senior school (yr9-yr12) who attend the youth activities on Friday nights and Sunday mornings.

To oversee the development of the vision and programs for the youth at Northridge Vineyard Church.
To create spaces where youth can engage with each other and Jesus at Northridge.
To build a strong base of volunteers leaders to encourage, equip and support this ministry.
To foster relationships with other youth groups and their leaders, as appropriate.
To explore connecting with local schools as a means to outreach to young people in our region and support Christian ministry within those institutions.

Essential duties and responsibilities:
To work with the the Kids Pastor, the Youth Administrator and the Young Adults Pastor to help our youth transition from kids church into adulthood.
To oversee GROW, our middle school group on Sundays mornings, GenV, our yr7-yr12 youth on Friday nights and our midweek yr 11-12 life group.
To recruit, develop a group of volunteer youth leaders to support the youth ministry.
To communicate with the parents of the youth as required, to ensure they are aware of the events and expectations of them in allowing their children to attend.
To organise the participation of our youth in events such as the Soul Survivor Conferences, youth camps, combined youth events.
To help organise and coordinate opportunities for training and development of youth leadership team.
To be a regular attendee at one of the Sunday church meetings and midweek life groups
To actively engage in opportunities to develop your thinking and practice in theology, pastoral care and organisation leadership.
To join staff in participating in the annual events organised by Vineyard Churches Australia, such as the National Conference and Leadership conference
To identify and communicate OH&S policies to all leaders involved in the youth ministry
To fulfil the administrative duties of a staff member, in relation to reporting, employment,
To abide by the policies (Child Protection and Work Health and Safety) and Articles of Association of the church
Be aware that some of the administration tasks can be carried out by volunteers or interns helping with youth. However, the responsibility for the tasks will rest with the Youth Pastor.

Expected characteristics and conduct:
Honour and support the Senior Pastors through regular conversations, seeking support, inclusion in planning processes, sharing the journey together and welcoming suggestions.
Work well as part of a team.
Commitment to serve members of the church and be involved in a Northridge small group.
A servant leader who leads by example.
Have a teachable spirit.
Remaining open to constructive feedback to help develop team effectiveness.
Willingness to both give and receive ministry/prayer
Willingness to be involved in church activities beyond the role of youth & YA pastor
Willingness to tackle own personal issues to become a healthier participant
Desire to train and release others to use their gifts

Hours of work
The ordinary hours of work are 24hrs per week.
Mandatory time in the office is Wednesday as this is the time for key meetings with the staff. Friday nights and Sundays are also mandatory for this role. The rest of the hours in the office can be done on other days.
It is understood that some work may be taken home to allow for flexibility in managing other commitments, as agreed with the Senior Pastors.
To take annual leave in a way that provides rest and effective time out and to take time-in-lieu as agreed with the Senior Pastors.

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