Our Vision for the Future

We acknowledge that our future should be characterised by growth, both internally in our relationship with God, and externally as we see people come to know and follow Jesus. We have a deep desire to plant churches and other communities of faith.

We acknowledge our absolute dependence on the presence and ministry of the Holy Spirit to help us advance the Kingdom of God. Through Him we carry on the ministry of Jesus both naturally and supernaturally in our world, so that the people we interact with may be changed by God’s love and grace.

We want to be a church community inviting people to experience the presence of God (HIGHER), allowing the Holy Spirit to transform our relationships with each other (DEEPER), and to share Jesus’ love with the world (WIDER).


We have a priority to build our relationship with God first – through lifting God higher. We intentionally spend time in worship when we meet together. Whether at our Sunday services or in our life groups – worship in all its forms is vital.


We also seek to go deeper in our relationships with God and with each other. We value the strength of healthy relationships for pastoral care, personal growth, spiritual transformation, healing and wholeness. We seek to do all this in a loving community, welcoming new people to join us along the way.


Giving to others helps balance the focus of our attention. We know that looking wider allows us to put into practice the practical natural of our faith, by caring for others, pursuing justice and mercy, practical caring for the poor locally and internationally.

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