Pray without ceasing…(1 Thessalonians 5:17)

Prayer is an integral part of our church life: without it, nothing happens! We believe the more prayer, the better – both on a corporate & personal level. Prayer ministry encompasses many different areas and we have a number of opportunities available to engage in prayer at Northridge.

We believe in a God who longs to have relationship with us and one of the main ways to pursue and develop that relationship is through prayer. We seek to provide many avenues to pursue relationship and deepen intimacy with God through prayer opportunities.

Set Free

The Set Free weekend is an intensive spiritual clean-up designed to identify and break bondages in our lives, so that we’re better equipped to serve the Lord. This weekend happens quarterly, and includes teaching, worship and prayer ministry. Individuals are required to register for the weekend and there is a cost for the course – please contact the office for more details at [email protected].

48 Hours of Prayer

A set-apart time to spend an hour (or two, or more!) on your own or with others, in the Northridge prayer room which gets beautifully transformed specifically for this weekend. Soak in worship, pray as the Spirit leads you.

Monday Night Prayer Meetings

These happen fortnightly in the Northridge Prayer room. Please join with us to pray for Northridge, our families, community. All are welcome.

Prayer Chain

We have a number of people in the church family who are committed to confidentially upholding people in prayer, in a time of need. If you would like to be prayed for in this manner, please contact the office for further details.

Prayer Ministry

As a church, we believe prayer is foundational, both on a corporate and a personal level – the more of it that happens, the better! There are opportunities for personal prayer ministry during the Sunday services or, if a more private setting is required, we can help you arrange that at an appropriate time, with ministry team members. Prayer ministry appointments may also be set up through contacting the church office.

Our desire at Northridge is that anyone receiving prayer ministry does so in a safe and appropriate way.

Prophetic Training

We believe God loves to communicate with us and is talking all the time – though we often miss what He is saying. We encourage the pursuit of the prophetic and seek to provide opportunities for teaching and practice in different areas. Please contact the office for more information.

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