About Communities

You keep talking about communities - what does that mean? Are they services? Or campuses? Or something different altogether?

Why Communities?

At Northridge we believe that church is not just about services or structure. It’s about pursuing God in community! As a church we want our language to reflect that belief, so instead of services or campuses we talk about ‘communities’.

Can’t you just call it a service?

Communities are not just about language, they also reflect the way we are structured as a church. Each community is led by community pastors under the leadership of the Senior Pastors. Communities have their own vision and ministries, within the broader vision and leadership of Northridge as a whole.

Which community should I go to?

There are no rules about this, you go to the community where you feel most at home. Feel free to visit them all! With that said, each community has its own distinct flavour:

  • Our Morning community has a relaxed family feel, with creche and dedicated children’s & youth programs
  • Our Evening community is a multigenerational gathering with an intimate feel, and a heart for community

Click the links above to find out more about our communities, or contact the office if still have questions!

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