Kingdom Values

We are committed to the theology and practice of the Kingdom of God as the most fundamental core value in the Vineyard. When the Vineyard talks about the kingdom, we are talking about the Kingdom of God as a dynamic reality that is the future reign of God breaking into the present through the life and ministry of Jesus. We have been commissioned to proclaim the good news of the Kingdom of God, bearing witness to the already and the not yet of the Kingdom in words and deeds.

This understanding of the Kingdom of God is the central framework that gives both structure and definition to all of our theology. We view the Kingdom of God as the overarching and integrating theme of the Bible.

Vineyard Values

Our values align with those of the Australian Vineyard Movement as well as Vineyard USA. Five core values have been identified and are briefly summarised below. They are both descriptive, in the way we live our lives, as well as aspirational, describing who we are at our best or perhaps who we hope to become.

The Theology and Practice of the Kingdom of God

The Vineyard movement is grounded in the theology and practice of the Kingdom of God. This is our theological foundation and centre. Not theology, but praxis – the place where theology and practice meet.

Experiencing God

We believe that the presence of God is real and tangible. The New Testament often speaks in rich experiential language of God’s love, mercy and grace. We value the powerful, personal experience of the love and grace of God made available to us through the redeeming work of Jesus and applied in our lives by the Holy Spirit.

Reconciling Community

The church is the community of the King, the community of those who have brought their lives under God’s generous rule by putting their confidence in Jesus. This community is called to follow Jesus into His mission. The King’s community is a reconciling community, entrusted with the ministry of reconciliation and characterised by restored relationships marked by grace, humility, transparency, repentance, and integrity. A reconciling community practises and teaches healthy relationships in a world of relational dysfunction.

Compassionate Ministry

Compassionate ministry is the work of the church in rebuilding broken human beings, cleansing our hands of sin and our hearts from impurity and bringing us into restored relationship with God so that we may live in His presence and join Him in His work.

Culturally Relevant Mission

Jesus commissioned His followers to make disciples of all nations. This remains our chief task. A disciple is a person who has been incorporated into God’s people by baptism into the threefold name and taught to obey everything that Jesus commanded His disciples. The commission of Jesus is to make disciples of all nations. We participate in Jesus’ mission to the nations by praying, giving, going and sending people who are called, trained and equipped, until the task is complete.

John Wimber, the early leader of the Vineyard Movement, often said that our values are revealed by the way we spend our time, energy and money.

It is for this reason that we identify these values that should shape us as individuals and as a community of believers. We acknowledge that growing and developing these values is best carried out in a supportive community through intentional effort in the power of the Holy Spirit. Being around people who embody these values will accelerate the process because these values are more caught than taught. We pray that these values catch your attention and hook your heart to join us in the journey.

Church Family Values

Finally, we recognise that Northridge Vineyard has its own flavour within the Vineyard Movement which stems from values that we treasure as a church family:

Word and Spirit

In valuing both the Word and the Spirit, we are committed to a position that embraces the fullness of both, without compromising either. We want to derive all we believe, teach and do from the Bible as the written word of God, while also learning to hear and obey the voice of the Spirit speaking to us individually and collectively.

“Everyone Gets to Play”

At the heart of this saying is the belief that we are all called to minister in the Kingdom of God. We want to be a place where people are empowered to use the gifts God has given them, and the ministry of the Kingdom is not reliant on one or two highly anointed leaders.

All Ages and Stages

Northridge is a family church in the truest sense. We have a wide demographic range of singles, couples and families, committed to worshipping together in a way that is culturally relevant and accessible to all. Children are especially valued and made to feel welcome within our services and through their own programs.

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