Our Story

Northridge Vineyard Church has grown and matured with the favour of God, the prayers of the people and the personal investment of those who call Northridge home.


The journey of Northridge Vineyard began in 1998, when Phil and Kath Henry, who were at Hills Vineyard (now Dayspring), decided to plant a new Vineyard Church in September that year.
Phil and Kath had previously attended the Ranch Ministry in California in 1991 for 4 months where they received training and had God experiences that transformed them. After returning to Australia, they were given an invitation to attend a church planting school in Canada for 2 years. They left Australia in 1996 and during their time in Canada God renewed their heart for Australia and Australians.

When Phil and Kath returned to Australia they were attending Hills Vineyard Church (now Dayspring in Castle Hill), led by David and Narrelle Crabtree. As Dayspring were leaving the Vineyard movement at that time, the Henry’s felt the call of God to plant out from Hills Vineyard. The first meeting of Northridge Vineyard was held in a home in September of 1998.

Phil and Kath Henry – Northridge Vineyard’s founding Pastors. For more information click here.

Growing Church

Northridge Vineyard initially met in the Henry’s house, but by December 1998 had begun meeting on Sundays at Turramurra North Public School.
The church grew quickly and soon moved to a larger facility at the “Bush School” in Wahroonga. In 2009, the church purchased an office and warehouse on Chilvers Road in Thornleigh. The church community gathered together to transform this new facility into a place of worship and meeting together.

Raising Leaders

The church had a vision of raising and releasing new leaders into the life of the church, and 2016 saw three new couples appointed as Community Pastors over each of the three communities gathering under the name of Northridge Vineyard. In 2020 we released one of these communities to become their own new church plant, and today Andrew and Sarah Starr lead Viva Vineyard Church, meeting in Hornsby.

Our Future

In the same year Phil and Kath announced their intention to step down as Senior Pastors and the church appointed Rob and Bonnie Giles as the new Senior Pastors.

The years of navigating COVID changed and shifted the landscape of so many things, including church. It was a time of constant change and learning to pivot and lean into new things.  As part of this the Pastors for the Evening Community, Chris and Jen Gresham-Britt, were seeking the Lord about their next steps and in May 2022 we released them to go and plant a church in Toowoomba QLD (read about it here).

Northridge Vineyard Church has grown and matured with the favour of God, the prayers of the people and the personal investment of those who call Northridge home. We are humbled by the amazing people we welcome to church each week; blessed by those who work with us for the kingdom – we are who we are because of God and God’s people. We continue to trust Him and all that He has for us as a church, but also His church more broadly.

We would be thrilled if you decide to join with us on this journey. We believe that openness to God allows our lives to be enriched in remarkable ways.

Baptisms in the car park at our Morning Community.

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