Our Team

Pastoral Staff

Senior Pastors

It’s our absolute privilege to support and lead such a gifted and servant-hearted team of people who serve our Morning & Evening Communities, our Youth, and the various other ministries that the church runs.

We have a deep passion to see the life and love of Jesus Christ irrevocably change the world around us. With 10 years experience in youth & schools work, Bonnie has a passion for discipleship and leadership, and is a gifted communicator. Rob has a passion for teaching scripture and for helping people discover who Jesus is, whether through Alpha or our Storehouse Ministry. Together, we love helping others discover their calling and giftings and believe strongly in the church as God’s primary vehicle to carry the good news to the world.

Rob & Bonnie joined Northridge in February of 2007, 4 days after emigrating from the UK. Bonnie worked at Northridge as the Youth Pastor for 3 years, and then over the years that followed, they both worked closely with our Founding Pastors, Phil and Kath Henry for 8 years. Over that time Rob & Bonnie led as Assistant Pastors, then as Pastors for the Morning Community. They eventually succeeded Phil and Kath as Senior Pastors, and are very grateful that Phil and Kath have been able to continue attending Northridge as they minister to the wider church.

Evening Community Pastors

Chris and Jen Gresham-Britt have been coming to Northridge since 2005 and 2007 respectively. They love the Vineyard’s heart for including everyone in the ministry of the kingdom, and have been pastoring the Evening Community since 2016.

Both Jen and Chris work bi-vocationally. When Jen isn’t pastoring, she works for development agency RAW Impact. Chris also works as a freelance graphic and web designer, and is completing a Masters of Leadership.

Youth Pastor

Sam has grown up at Northridge, helping his parents since the early days of the church. Sam now oversees the Youth Ministry both on Friday nights as well as on Sunday mornings. He has a huge heart for youth, and loves seeing them encounter God for both the first time and the millionth time. Sam enjoys playing music, singing, developing websites and hanging with mates.

Kid’s Pastor

Kate joined the staff in June 2009, and oversees Children’s ministries for Northridge. Kate believes that children have valuable stories and experiences to share with us and that there is so much we can learn from watching our kids live out their faith. Kate is also involved in outreach to families in our local community. She lives locally with her husband, Garth and three beautiful children.

Middle School Pastor

Grace joined Northridge in 2017 and leads our GROW group for school years 5-8 and our Rising Gen group which meets on a Friday. She loves the open and loving space Northridge has created for young people and hopes to continue to cultivate a safe space for children to ask questions and explore their faith while on staff.

Morning Community Worship Pastor

Anna joined the staff toward the end of 2018, and together with her husband and kids, has been a regular member of Northridge for quite a while. Initially trained in Music Ministry at Wesley Institute, Anna has been involved teaching and has a passion for helping children with learning difficulties.

Operational Staff

We have a wonderful staff team at Northridge. They are passionate about the church and the ministries or areas they lead. It is an amazing privilege for the church to have these gifted men and women helping to serve the church family and advance the kingdom of God.

Church Administrator

Chris has been involved with many aspects of our church family since he and his wife Ruth joined Northridge in the early days. They are passionate about their extended family, outdoor adventures with friends and sharing Jesus along the way. Chris works as the Church administrator looking after things like finance, facilities and governance behind the scenes. He has been a member of the Board since 2012 and is currently the secretary.

Office Administrator

Kate is our new Office Administrator. Kate, Kieran and their two children Evie and Lylah have been part of Northridge since 2015. She is looking forward to getting to know more people as she serves our community.

Child Protection Officer & Communications (Morning Community)

Fea joined the staff in May 2019 as our Child Protection Officer and has since taken on Communications for the Morning Community. Fea enjoys sewing when not in the office, answering calls and emails. Together with her family, James, Eloise and Charlotte, they have been part of Northridge since 2015.

Communications (Evening Community)


Nicola has been the bookkeeper at Northridge since July 2012, keeping track of the church finances. She is married to Owen and has two beautiful girls.

The Board

The Board manages the physical resources available for building the Kingdom of God at and through Northridge. They oversee the legal requirements of Northridge as an Incorporated Association. They also manage the finances, the property, and staffing. Those on the Board are Rob & Bonnie Giles, Stephen Thompson, Mike Carruthers, Chris Chilton, Ted Kerr, Mandy Anderson and Kym Sherlock.