About us

About Northridge

Northridge is a Vineyard church located in the Sydney suburb of Thornleigh.

Our values

Vineyard churches see Jesus’ teaching on the Kingdom of God as foundational: where God’s beautiful future is breaking into our present experience. This is expressed in our following core values.

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Meet the team

We have a wonderful staff team at Northridge. They are passionate about the church and the ministries or areas they lead. It is an amazing privilege for the church to have these gifted men and women helping to serve the church family and advance the kingdom of God.

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Our story

Northridge Vineyard Church has grown and matured with the favour of God, the prayers of the people and the personal investment of those who call Northridge home.

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What is the Vineyard?

The Association of Vineyard Churches, also known as the Vineyard Movement, is a charismatic evangelical Christian denomination with over 2,400 affiliated churches worldwide.

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Join us on the journey.

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