Church Camp 2025

Registration for Church Camp is now open!

Please get in as quickly as possible as there are limited options for some of the smaller accommodation. Please note that the majority of the accommodation is conference-style accommodation which are shared cabins.

We don’t want cost to be a problem – so if you need assistance with the cost, or if you would like to contribute towards helping someone else with the cost, please email us at [email protected].

Follow these steps to register

Step 1:

Organise who you will be sharing a Cabin with. Please do this before you book your tickets! Please be aware that the majority of our accommodation is conference-style accommodation with shared cabins – there are a very limited number of smaller rooms. Men’s Share and Women’s Share cabins are available for singles to book into.

Cabin Options

Hotel Room 1-2 people (initially reserved for those with limited mobility).
Deluxe Cabin Small groups 2-3 people. (SOLD OUT)
Cabin Groups of 4-6 people.
LG Cabin Groups of 6-8 people.

Please Note: All Rooms and Cabins have their own bathroom.

Step 2:

Once you have confirmed who you will be sharing a Cabin with, allocate someone to book and pay (on behalf of the Cabin).

If you have any mobility needs please use the Hotel Rooms link to book the Hotel Rooms.

Step 3:

Select ‘Get Tickets’ and click on, ‘Buy on Map’. 

Step 4:

A map of the Cabins in the Church Camp will appear:

  • Please refer to above description (Cabin Options) and select your room accordingly.
  • Each coloured dot represents a bed in a Room/Cabin.
  • Choose a cabin that does not have any beds already greyed out.
  • Please note that if any of the beds in a cabin are greyed out, this means that another group has already booked this Cabin.
  • After choosing a cabin, allocate a ticket to each dot (bed), by clicking the dot.

Step 5:

When you click on a dot, the following screen will appear (you may need to zoom in to click on the dot):

  • You can select from one of five options: Adult, Youth, Child, Pre School, 3 and Under.
  • Select the applicable option for each dot (bed) in your cabin.
  • Once you have completed your bed allocation, proceed to check-out.

Please note, you will need to enter Contact Information for the person booking and any dietary needs for each ticket holder.

Step 6:

If you are booking a Cabin (4-6 people) or a LG Cabin (6-8 people), linen is available at an extra cost of $15 per person.

You will be sent a link to purchase linen. You can also choose to bring your own.
Hotel style rooms and deluxe cabins are inclusive of linen (sheet, blanket, pillow case, towel).

Now you’re ready to book

Please book your tickets using this link:

Book Tickets Here

The Hotel Rooms are being reserved for those with Restricted Mobility.

Hotel Rooms Only

Church Camp FAQs

Please have a read of the FAQs below. If your question is not answered here, please contact Jenny King at [email protected], and she will either answer your questions for you or direct you to the appropriate person.

Have questions about food allergies? Have a look at this helpful resource from the Collaroy Centre. ALLERGY FAQ’s for Collaroy Centre

What types of accommodation options are available?

There are three accommodation options: hotel style rooms, deluxe cabins and cabins. There are no onsite facilities for camping. There are a limited number of each kind of room available, so booking early on is advised in order to have the most options available.
Hotel style rooms- available for 1-2 people. Includes 2 king single beds, tea/coffee making facilities, ensuite bathroom, linen and air conditioning. These rooms will be initially reserved for those who have mobility issues.
Deluxe cabins- available for 2-3 people. Include 3 single beds, tea/coffee making facilities, ensuite bathroom, linen and air conditioning.
Cabins have 2 options: either 4-6 people or 6-8 people. Cabins include bunk beds, 2 ensuite bathrooms and air conditioning. Please note, linen is at extra cost.

Does every cabin have a bathroom, or are there shared facilities?

All rooms and cabin options have their own ensuite bathrooms.

Do the cabins have linen provided?

Hotel style rooms and deluxe cabins are inclusive of linen (sheet, blanket, pillow case and towel). Cabins have the option to include linen at $15 per person

I’m booking a single adult ticket, how do I choose who I share a room with?

Before you go and book your ticket, please organise who you will be sharing a room with. A reminder that hotel rooms are 2 people share (reserved for those with limited mobility), deluxe cabins are 2-3 people sharing and cabins are either 4-6 or 6-8 sharing. Once you know who you are sharing with, you can then allocate one person to book and pay for the hotel room or cabin.
If you have any questions about this process please email [email protected].

Can kids share a room with their friends or do they need to share with their families?

Kids will be allocated to cabins by their parents. Children who are primary aged or younger will need to stay in the same cabin as their parents/carer. Parents of Youth-aged children can organise and book a separate cabin for their children to stay with friends, however, there will be no supervision available. For this reason we ask that parents book an adjacent cabin to their Youth aged children, in order to ensure adequate supervision. All Youth and Young Adult shared cabins will need to be single gender.

Are there family discounts?

Collaroy gives tiered rates for primary kids and younger. Rates are per person, based on room type and age group of the individual. Adult tickets include $20 extra for general camp costs. There will be no added cost for youth or younger.

I am only able to come for part of the camp. Are there daily or single night rates available?

We would love to encourage everyone to come to the full weekend camp in order to spend the most time together in community. However, we acknowledge that sometimes this is not possible. If you cannot attend the whole weekend. Day tickets may be available at a later date based on final camp numbers. If you have any questions please email [email protected]

When are payments due?

Payments are due in full upon registration. Whilst it is not possible to pay in instalments for the camp, we are keen to help everyone get to camp. So please contact [email protected] if you need help with the cost or a payment plan.

What is the cancellation policy?

If, for unforeseen circumstances, there is a reason that you need to cancel your booking, a full refund will be available up until October 25, 2024. Please email [email protected] for more information.

Can we bring our own food on site?

No, Collaroy is a fully catered site, so no outside food is permitted unless it is for medical reasons and has been pre-approved by the conference centre.

Do you accommodate special diets?

We do our best to accommodate all special diets however, we cannot guarantee 100% that our food is free from allergens.
To understand the Collaroy Centre’s allergy and anaphylaxis management care, please see this PDF: ALLERGY FAQs above.

Is there a children’s or youth program running?

Yes, we are planning to run a kids and youth day program, which will run in conjunction with the adult sessions. Please note that outside of session times, parents will be required to supervise their own children.

What is the broad structure of the weekend, and what is available to do in free time?

We are hoping to invite an external speaker for the camp weekend. In our sessions we will be making time for worship, teaching and ministry. We hope also to encourage community and connection times and activities between all ages in our church. There will be free time, in which you are able to visit local cafes with friends in Collaroy, spend time at Collaroy beach, or read a book.

How to get to Collaroy?

Collaroy is a 45 minute drive from Thornleigh (without traffic). We would recommend that you plan to drive, rather than use public transport . There are no trains in the Collaroy area, however buses run in both directions along Pittwater Rd which is close to the Collaroy Centre. The nearest bus stop travelling South along Pittwater Rd is Collaroy – Pittwater Rd nr Brissden Ave, and the nearest bus stop travelling North along Pittwater Rd is Collaroy – Pittwater Rd nr Homestead Ave. There is also a main bus stop at Collaroy Shops with more frequent services, and this is a short walk from The Collaroy Centre.

Is The Collaroy Centre wheelchair accessible?

Yes, most of our site is accessible by wheelchair however the site is on a hill and can be pretty difficult in areas.

Do you have parking on site?

Yes, we have limited parking on-site for approx. 99 cars.

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