Life Groups

We love celebrating together as community on a Sunday, but with all that’s going on it can be tough to have the big conversations.

For this reason, we have midweek life groups – a time to go deeper and get to know a group of people do really do life with.

A typical life group has anywhere from 8 to 16 people. Meetings are usually on a weekday evening – presently, there are groups on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday nights. Every life group has a slightly different programme, but typically they could involve a bible study, ‘check-in’ and prayer ministry, a time of worship, food, and spending time getting to know one another.

If you’re new or wanting to connect deeper into the Evening Community, joining a life group is a great place to start. For more info on finding a life group, get in touch with our pastors who can help you find the right group!

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