Evening Community Prayer Walk


This Sunday we’re throwing away the script for lockdown church and loving our neighbourhoods—through prayer walking! With our community spread out across the North Shore, Hornsby, and Hills districts, we have a wonderful opportunity to bless a lot of people through the power of prayer.

The Why

In a world where ‘thoughts and prayers’ are seen as token, we believe the opposite—Jesus says that prayer is a mighty weapon!

“Truly I tell you, if anyone says to this mountain, ‘Go, throw yourself into the sea,’ and does not doubt in their heart but believes that what they say will happen, it will be done for them.” — Mark 11:23.

We know our neighbourhoods are hurting right now, so we are going to pray that Jesus would break through in power to bring strength, healing, and his love to every household and business.

The What

There’s not a lot we can do right now, but one of them is socially-distanced COVID-safe walks. So here’s the plan…

Before we begin

If you’re on your own, you might like to invite someone to come join you (from your LGA and/or 5km radius, of course!). If you have others in your household, you might want to pair off to cover more ground. If you have kids, they can totally participate, just get those snacks ready beforehand! Be ready to start walking when we kick off at 5:00pm.

5:00pm — Gather

We’ll start all together on Youtube at 5:00pm, just like usual. We’ll say ‘G’DAY IN THE LIVE CHAT!’, then invite the Holy Spirit to come bless our time together.

5:10pm — Listen

Let the prayer walk begin! For the first 15 minutes, walk a route through your neighbourhood. You might like to head for the local shops, or just keep things residential… it’s up to you. However, you want to do this part in silence. Take time to observe, notice, and listen to Holy Spirit.

5:25pm — Stop

Take 5 minutes to stop. Chat with your walking buddy, or write a note in your phone. What did you observe? What did Holy Spirit say to you? This is the fuel for your prayer walking fire as you retrace your steps back home…

5:30pm — Pray

Walk back along the route you came, but this time pray as you go. This could be out loud, together with your buddy, or just quietly in your head. Don’t rush, you have more time than the walk out.

5:55pm — Debrief

Once you’ve arrived home, we’ll jump back onto the live stream for a quick debrief and to pray out the night.

Important Information

Please note, and this is important:

  • COVID-19. We’re blessed to be able to go out walking while in lockdown, so don’t take advantage. Please observe all COVID-19 restrictions and social distancing best practice while you’re out. See the NSW Government website for more information.
  • Safety. Please take all reasonable precautions while out walking! We don’t want anyone to get hurt doing anything risky… so don’t. And keep your eyes open when you pray.

How to be involved

You don’t have to sign up or do anything special. Just turn up on Youtube at 5:00pm in your walking gear! Link to the live stream is below.

Click here to join live stream

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