RAW Impact On Country Trip


In partnership with RAW Impact, Northridge is headed up to far north NSW in 2022! Over 6 days we’ll have the opportunity  to spend time building relationship with the Murrawarri people and elders, learning about their land, and their worldview.

The trip runs from 8-14 April 2022 — beginning in North Bourke, then heading out to Ledknapper Nature Reserve, we’ll camp out in swags at Burban Grange, participate in project work to help build towards to Murrawarri Nation Plan, and finish with a team debrief and some relaxation in the opal mining town Lightning Ridge.

If you’d like some more information, click here to download the trip guide that has some more details.

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Have questions? Please contact Rob Giles ([email protected]) or email [email protected]

Please note the last day to register for the trip is Sunday 19th December 2021


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