Tool Time with Ranford


Tool Time with Ranford:

Would you like to know how to :

* select the right tool for a job?

* use the appropriate bolt, nut, washer, nail, screw, fitting, fixture, adhesive, abrasive, cleaner, solvent

* skill-up in measuring, drilling, sawing, cutting, etc?

* practise with many hand & power tools

* selecting /purchasing an essential ‘tool kit’ for the DIYer

* learn how to change a tap washer, hang a door, reset /change fuses, repair punctures, clear a drain, maintain bicycles, fell a tree, pack a bearing, weld steel, stop a leak, build a billy cart or dollhouse, construct decks and retaining walls, lay paving, winch, lift, solder, understand wiring for light and power switches, etc?

Then Tool Time is for you! Please see the details for the first Men’s session below

Men’s Session: Sunday 07 May 2023, 2:00pm-4:00pm

These sessions are open to anyone in both morning and evening  communities. If you would like to join one of the above sessions, please contact the Church Office to sign up and for details about the location.