Youth Flip Out 2022


We are going to Flip Out!!!

On Friday 4th of March, we will be heading to Flip Out for an awesome time of jumping, energy, and fun!!! We will spend a bunch of time jumping around and then provide Pizza and Drinks at the end.
We have done this event a bunch of times and each time it has been so much fun so we would love you to encourage your youth to bring a friend or 2!

To help us stay safe during this COVID time ONLINE REGO IS REQUIRED, check it out below.
Also, Grip Socks are required to jump so bring them if you have them or you can include the “Grip Socks Addon” for $3.50 when you register if you NEED to purchase some

Covid 19

As usual, we will be abiding by Covid Precautions including hand sanitising and providing food in a covid safe way.

Also, this will include parents agreeing to:

  • Keep my young person at home if they have symptoms of Covid-19, are awaiting the results of a Covid test or have tested positive
  • My young person will use hand sanitiser provided by GenerationV on arrival, before and after food and on departure.
  • My young person will agree to only consume food and drink provided individually to them and not share with anyone else

If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact me at [email protected]

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