Going Independent — FAQs

On Sunday May 24, we announced to the church that Hornsby Community will be transitioning to become an independent Vineyard church! Here are answers to some questions you might have about this process.

What is the process for the transition of the Hornsby Community to an independent Vineyard church?

We want to support the new church plant in this transition as much as we can, so it will happen in stages:

Stage 1: Transition of the public face of the community: Come up with a new name, create a new website, change their literature, etc. Then have a public launch as a new church (exact date TBA).

Stage 2: Work through all the governance and administration requirements over the months following, to be completed by the end of 2020.

Are we keeping the structure of having Communities or are we going back to being services?

Yes, as a church we are keeping the Community structure. The Morning and Evening Communities will continue to be Communities, with their own Pastors, leadership teams, and distinct flavours. Using the word ‘community’ as opposed to ‘service’ will continue to remind us that church is first about people and then about the activities we do.

Is there a change in Phil & Kath’s role now that there will be two Communities instead of three?

No, Phil and Kath will continue as the Senior Pastors with the same roles as when there were three Communities.

Will this new church and Northridge collaborate in the future?

Yes, there will be different opportunities to gather and to work together. We are family! We already collaborate with other Vineyard churches, and being so close geographically and historically will give us plenty of opportunities to work together.

Did this decision come out of a personal conflict or disagreement?

No. The Senior Pastors, Community Pastors and Board are all excited about the launch of this new Vineyard church, and are working together to see it happen. Our heart is for the wider church and we love the idea of seeing more and more Vineyard churches planted.

Was it always the intended that Hornsby would transition to an independent church?

It was always an option: to either remain as a Community or to become an independent Vineyard church.

Does this mean other/future Communities will also go independent at some stage?

There is always the option for a Community to transition to an independent Vineyard church, but not all Communities will do this.

How can I support Hornsby as they transition?

Please be praying for the Hornsby Community, and if you are interested in helping out in some way, please contact Andrew and Sarah. You are also welcome to visit and encourage them, or to consider joining them.

I've got another question, who should I ask?

If you've got any questions about the Hornsby transition, feel free to get in touch with the Community Pastors from your community who would be happy to provide more information.

What's the new church called?

The new church will be called Viva Vineyard Church. The new church website is currently under construction.

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