Kids church

We seek to love, value and inspire each child, leader and family involved in children’s ministry at Northridge Morning Community. We pray that children will personally encounter Jesus, be inspired to go deeper in their relationship with the Father, and gain an understanding of the depths of His love for them.

Our heart is to make each child feel loved and truly valued here, regardless of age, ability or background. We pray parents will feel inspired as they watch Christ actively working in the lives of their children. We aim to support parents and leaders and hope that they feel loved, valued and supported as part of the team who so generously invest into the lived of the children and their families. We want to support families as they nurture and encourage their children’s spiritual journey.


We have put together programs that are age-appropriate and interesting. These programs incorporate a number of different materials offering a broad range of approaches to looking at the Word, the Kingdom of God and our faith.

We believe in and value community, so once a month we like to start church all together in the auditorium for the first set of kid friendly worship. The leaders and children are prayed for before they leave the main service and split into their different groups. During each lesson all the groups (except Creche) will come together for worship that is specifically tailored for kids, then split back up into their respective groups.


Our Crèche is run for children aged between 1 and 3 years old. In Crèche we are offering a simple, structured program that is easy to follow and tons of fun! They have a book that they focus on for several weeks and then do simple craft activities related to the story. We have found that the kids respond well to this and it helps kids to bridge the transition between Créche and the Gap.


Gap is for our preschoolers, aged 3-5yrs. We run an original program that incorporates the stories of the Bible, as well as topical series such as fruits of the spirit, or ‘our emotions’.

Kids Bizz

Kids Bizz is for the Kindergarten to Year 2 children (early primary school).
Both Gap and Kids Bizz programs explore the traditional Bible stories and concepts with a creative spin. These groups are very interactive in terms of the stories and activities that we do. There are always crafts and practical application sections to support the lesson focus.


SLAM is for Year 3-5 (mid primary school-aged) kids.
Our SLAM program has been developed to teach these children in a way that is fresh and engaging. The program incorporates a range of teaching techniques including stories, topical discussions, multimedia, as well as several hands on learning experiences.

How can I get involved?


We welcome any adults who have been at Northridge for at least 6 months to help lead in kid’s church, and any young people (under 18) to come and assist in kid’s church alongside adult leaders. We also always looking for people to help preparing craft midweek.

Whether you have experience as a school teacher or early childhood carer, a grandparent, or simply an adult with a heart to see kids know God, this is a great opportunity to invest in our future generation!

Parent’s involvement

At Northridge we believe that we all share the privilege, blessing and responsibility of helping our children to grow and flourish in their relationship with God.

Each family who has decided to regularly attend the Northridge Morning Community, and has been with us for at least 6 months, is asked to be involved in children’s ministry. In this way we ensure that serving in this important ministry remains sustainable, incorporating both mums and dads with different gifts and abilities.

Parents share the responsibility of teaching/ helping by being on the roster for the group(s) that their child(ren) are a part of. Rosters run on a 6 monthly cycle and parents are asked to lead and/or help in no more than 3-4 services on that roster.

Suitability checks

We require all adults helping with kids church to complete a Working With Children Check (WWCC) and the Northridge Vineyard church ‘Caring For Our Kids’ training before they commence.


Volunteers can find instructions on how to complete the Working with Children Check, and how to complete the Caring for our Kids training.

At kids church we have a number of policies and procedures in place to protect our children and leaders. Please refer to the Resources page to download these resources and policies.

If you would like more information about Children’s ministry at the Morning Community please contact our Children’s Pastor – [email protected]