Sunday Morning FAQs

We know that getting to church is going to look a bit different in this season, and you’ll probably have a few questions.

We’ve done our best to answer some of these below, but some things we just don’t yet so bear with us!

Do I need to register for a ticket before the service or can I just turn up and get a ticket on the day?

If you turn up at church without a ticket you might not be able to stay as we could be at capacity, either in the hall or in the kids rooms. Also, to avoid congestion at the door, we’re keen to check people in as quickly as possible. So it would really help if you book a ticket as early as you can.

What if I’ve booked a ticket, but later realise I won’t be able to make it on the day?

If you realise you can’t make the service during the week before (ie Monday-Friday) please let the office know and we will cancel your ticket. Alternatively, you can find someone else who is wanting to go and transfer your ticket to them. Just go to your ticket in your emails, click on the ticket and then click RE-ASSIGN.

I have heard we can’t sing at church, is that true?

Yes at the moment we are unable to sing, but we always say that worship is not only singing so our worship team are looking at creative ways to help us engage with worship without singing. We are hoping it won’t be too long before we can sing together though!

Am I required to socially distance from members of my family or can we sit together?

You can sit next to people who are from your family, but you will need to be socially distanced from others.

Will there be any tea/ coffee / water/ food available?

Due to the current restrictions and in a bid to reduce transmissions we will not be service tea/coffee or morning tea. There is a bubbler available, but you will need to bring your own water bottle as the drinking fountain will not be available. We will be assessing this each time the restrictions ease and will let you know when this changes.
We would love to encourage you to find others to go and have morning tea with offsite.

Where do my kids & youth go and how do I sign them in?


Kids and youth programs will start from the beginning of the service. Please pack a named water bottle for your child.

Creche and Gap will meet in the Gap room, which is opposite the play area where the kids usually have morning tea. Once you have checked in as a family, please take your kids directly to the play area and one of our team will help you sign your child in. As per our child protection policy you will need to sign your child out at the end of the service. Please also remember to social distance while queuing to sign in.

Kids Bizz and SLAM will meet upstairs in the youth and SLAM room. Once you have checked in as a family, please sign your kids in at the bottom of the stairs. As per our child protection policy you will need to sign your child out at the end of the service. We know this is different for SLAM, but it is something we need to do during the restrictions. Please also remember to social distance while queuing to sign in.

Youth will be up in the Top Shelf in the office building. After you sign your family in the main building, your youth can go over to the office building. Please collect your youth from the prayer room at the bottom of the office building.

What if all the Kids Church tickets are sold out, can I bring my child into the auditorium?

You can obtain an ‘Adult’ ticket for your child and have them accompany you into the auditorium. Please note though that they are also required to follow the social distancing requirements and there will not be any colouring etc. available.

What if my child won’t settle in Kids Church, can they just come with me?

If your child won’t settle in their group you will need to collect them. Then find a member of the check-in team and see if there is a ticket available for your child. The crèche room will also be available for the duration of the service. You are able to listen to the service from this room. There is a limit of 7 adults allowed in this room at a time.

How do I sign my Kids into kids’ church?

To sign your kids in to Kids church you need to register each child for a ticket and check them in when you arrive at church - this will all be electronically done at the door and one of our team will help you. We will keep a role and check off each child in their rooms as they arrive and leave. They will only be able to leave when an adult has come to collect them, including SLAM aged children.

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