Finding Courage - Daniel

Getting fired up about God

August 23, 2020 Sarah Starr Hornsby

Stoicism will get you so far. But when life’s heat is turned up to insufferable stoicism won’t c... Listen →

Finding Courage - Daniel

Disturbing dreams

August 16, 2020 Claire Esgate Hornsby

Daniel steps into the deadly limelight. How he responds depends on a very private practice...... Listen →

Finding Courage - Daniel

Daniel’s first day at Harvard

August 9, 2020 Andrew Starr Hornsby

Fear is rising like sea water. We need courage. Where do we find it? As followers of Jesus we go bac... Listen →

What's it all about?

What are you following?

July 26, 2020 Andrew Starr Hornsby

We're all disciples of something. Every day we're making choices to follow people and things to get ... Listen →

We're back!

Stop trying to wash your feet before He washes them

July 19, 2020 Andrew Starr Hornsby

The towel, the basin, the water. The cosmos throwing God is a servant. He loves you in a way that in... Listen →

Colossians - All things new

Rafts were made for rivers and families were made for missions

July 5, 2020 Sarah and Andrew Starr Hornsby

Colossians ends with a series of greetings. It's like reading someone else's text message feed. Skim... Listen →

Colossians - All things new

Conversations matter

June 28, 2020 Matt Elphick Hornsby

'All things new' includes our conversation with God and with others... Listen →


Hebrews 9

June 21, 2020 Sam Henry Morning

Sam Henry, our Youth Pastor, reflects on the profound cleansing Jesus death has made available to us... Listen →

Colossians - All things new

300% more couples are thinking of separating…Help? Anybody?

June 21, 2020 Andrew & Sarah Starr Hornsby

Married, separated, single, widowed, in between, it's complicated, whatever we all have a household,... Listen →

Colossians - All things new

Lose the labels and love

June 14, 2020 Drew & Keira Williams Hornsby

In Colossians 3:5-17 we find a picture of a community of radical forgiveness and love. The contrast ... Listen →

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