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June 18, 2017  Chris Gresham-Britt  pm

Joseph: Preparing for the Unseen

Chris continues our Joseph series, exploring how God can use our times of hardship to prepare us for His purpose for our lives.

June 11, 2017  Rob Giles  pm

Joseph: Setting the Scene

Rob begins our series on the Life of Joseph and explores how God has a plan for our lives that is good for us and also for the whole world.

May 28, 2017  John Lamerton  am

Sharing our faith

John encourages us in sharing our faith with others. He ask Who are we sharing, Why are we sharing, and How do we share.

May 28, 2017  Andrew Jones  pm

Everyone Gets to Play

Andrew Jones unpacks the famous Wimberism 'Everyone Gets to Play', looking at why it takes a whole community to bring the Kingdom of God.

May 21, 2017  Bonnie Giles  am

The Spirit Life (Romans 8 – week 5)

Bonnie ends our series on Romans by sharing on how nothing separates us from the love of God.

May 21, 2017  Andrew Harvey  pm

Colossians Week 6

Andrew Harvey rounds out our series on Colossians by looking at Paul's 'controversial' words in Colossians 3:18-4:1.

May 14, 2017  Phil Henry  am

The Spirit Life (Romans 8 – week 4)

Phil explores the deep connection we have with the Spirit, and how the gift of tongues helps us grow in the Spirit.

May 14, 2017  Mark Anderson  pm

Colossians Week 5

Ando discusses Colossians 3:12-17, looking at how to be a person and a community of character.

May 7, 2017  Matt Gelding  am

The Spirit Life (Romans 8 – week 3)

Matt continues our look at Romans 8 and shares on how the Spirit shapes our identity as children of God.

May 7, 2017  EmJ Anderson  pm

Colossians Week 4

EmJ unpacks the challenging scriptures in Colossians 3:1-11, looking at what 'purity' really means.

April 30, 2017  Matt & Kym Sherlock  am

The Spirit Life (Romans 8 – week 2)

Matt & Kym explore what it means to set our minds on the Spirit and how we can grow in this.

April 23, 2017  Rob Giles  am

The Spirit Life (Romans 8 – week 1)

Rob begins our new series through Romans chapter 8 - looking at the Spirit Life. We begin with a look at the faithfulness of God through Christ.

April 23, 2017  Phil Henry  pm

Colossians Week 2

Phil Henry discusses Colossians 2:6-15 and what it means to live in fullness with Jesus.

April 16, 2017  Luke Tooker  am

Resurrection Sunday

Luke shares in our all age service about the meaning of having child-like faith.

April 2, 2017  Ben & Clare Blamey  am

Journey to Good Friday – In the Storm

Ben & Clare join us for this 2nd part of our Lent series. They explore how God can use the storms in life to bring renewing.

March 26, 2017  Kath Henry  am

Journey to Good Friday – In the Darkness

Kath begins our journey towards Good Friday, exploring the opportunity we have to encounter God through the darkness of life.

March 12, 2017  Andrew Jones  pm

Finding our Wonder

Andrew Jones wrestles with the question - where did our sense of wonder go, and how can we find it again?

March 12, 2017  Various  am

Update from Cambodia RAW

The RAW team from Cambodia share about their experience and we hear from RAW founders Troy & Nicole Roberts.

March 5, 2017  Kirk & Nichole Delaney  am

Called to be a community

National Directors of Vineyard Churches Australia, Kirk & Nic Delaney share their heart for Northridge, as part of the Vineyard movement.

March 5, 2017  Chris Gresh  pm

Core Values: Where to now?

Chris takes us through the vision and mission for our evening service, and explores some directions for ministry this year.

February 26, 2017  Phil & Kath Henry  am

Core Values: Mission

Phil and Kath continue our series on core values, looking at mission.

February 19, 2017  Chris Gresham-Britt  am

Core Values: Community

Chris dives into what it means to be a community after God's heart.

February 12, 2017  Andrew Starr  am

Core Values: Discipleship

Andy continues our series on our core values, asking what Discipleship really is and how we learn to follow Jesus.

February 5, 2017  Rob & Bonnie Giles  pm

Core Values: Encountering God

Rob and Bonnie introduce a series exploring our core values as a church, This week, we explore what it means to encounter God and how that shapes how we relate to God and to others.

January 29, 2017  Rob Giles  am

Devote yourselves to one another

Rob shares on Acts 2 and Romans 12 and the call to devote ourselves to each other in love.

January 22, 2017  Joanne Wearne & Jeremy Saxton  am

Sharing our Stories

Joanne and Jeremy share their journeys of following the Lord and of his faithfulness in their lives.

January 15, 2017  Renee Black & Dave Esgate  am

Sharing our stories

Renee and Dave each describe how their faith is shaping how they live their lives.

January 8, 2017  Lauren Hilton & Matt Dalziel  am

Sharing our Stories

Lauren and Matt share their stories of following Jesus in their daily walk.

December 18, 2016  Phil Henry  am

Finding God at Christmas

Phil explores the titles of Jesus in Isaiah 9:6, and how we engage with God over Christmas.

December 18, 2016  Mark 'Ando' Anderson  pm

Mighty God

Ando continues our series on the title of Jesus in Isaiah 9:6, and explores what it means for God to be mighty.

December 11, 2016  Rob Giles  am

Both &: The Word and the Flesh

As our last talk in the Both And series Rob explores our calling to present Jesus to our culture in a relevant and unashamed way.

December 11, 2016  Phil Henry  pm

Eternal Father

Phil introduces a short series exploring the titles of Jesus in Isaiah 9:6, looking at Christ as the Eternal Father.

December 4, 2016  Phil Henry  am

Vision and new communities

Phil shares about plans for a new Northridge community and changes to our leadership structure.

December 4, 2016  Phil Henry  pm

Vision and new communities

Phil shares about plans for a new Northridge community and changes to our leadership structure.

November 27, 2016  Phil Henry  am

Both &: Now and Not Yet

Phil explains how we see the Kingdom of God having been already established on this earth, but not yet complete in it's coming.

November 27, 2016  Jono Ives  pm

Both &: Now and Not Yet

Jono Ives joins us from Ruach Church to share on the Now and Not Yet of the Kingdom.

November 20, 2016  Kirk Delaney  am

Both &: Proclamation & Demonstration

Kirk Delaney, the new Vineyard National Director joins us and continues our series on Both & - looking at how we called to both proclaim and demonstrate the gospel of the kingdom.

November 13, 2016  Kath Henry  am

Both &: Personal & Social

Continuing our series on the book 'Both &' by Rich Nathan and Insoo Kim, Kath explores how we apply right and wrong to both our personal lives and in society around us.

November 6, 2016  John Lamerton  am

Both &: Mercy and Justice

John explores the calling of God to extend mercy, justice and righteousness to the world God loves.

November 6, 2016  Phil Henry  pm

Both &: Mercy & Justice

Phil continues in our series looking at our calling to hold out both Mercy and Justice to the world.

October 30, 2016  Bonnie Giles  am

Both &: Unity through Diversity

Continuing our series on the Both & - Bonnie explores the Diversity of God's creation and his people, and how through this diversity he brings us into Unity through in Christ.

October 23, 2016  Phil Henry  pm

Both & : Evangelical & Charasmatic

Phil begins our new series based on Rich Nathan's book, 'Both &'. He explores what it means for us to be a people of both the Word and the Spirit.

October 16, 2016  Jahleel Shelling  am

Celebrate Messiah

Jahleel from Celebrate Messiah shares on the Levitical festivals and God's desire to have appointed time with his people.

June 26, 2016  Panel Discussion  am

Resolving Conflict

As a part 2 to our series on emotionally healthy church, our Senior and Assistant Pastors share their experience of resolving conflict between each other and some of their learnings through that process.

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