Our Evening Community will be online only this Sunday. Click here to join our gathering from 5pm.

Youth at Northridge

At Northridge, we endeavour to provide a place for young people to find friendship, be supported and explore faith in an authentic way.

Friday Night Youth Group – Generation V

We host a Friday Night Youth Group called Generation V for year 7-12s on Fridays 7-9.30pm during the school term. Our heart is to provide young people with a place to build meaningful friendships, have heaps of fun and explore faith deeply.

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We are Online: to join us for Generation V Online go to northridge.org.au/youth/get-online


Morning Community

We provide a Morning Community Youth Group that runs during the Sunday Service from 9.30am for year 6-9s every Sunday. We love creating the opportunity for our youth to build deep friendships and ask the big questions of life and faith that matter to them.

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We are Online: to join us on zoom for Morning Community Youth Online go to northridge.org.au/youth/zoom


Evening Community

We encourage high school aged youth to join in with the Evening Community Service.

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