Sunday Gatherings

Church is not a building, or even a meeting – it’s a community of people with God at the centre!

We will continue to meet digitally on Sundays at 5pm. Services will look a little different, but we’re thankful that technology will allow us to continue this important community rhythm.

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We see our weekly Sunday gatherings as a chance to come together and celebrate God’s goodness as community.

Our services start at 5:00pm (ish) at Northridge’s Thornleigh location, usually beginning with an extended bracket of worship. Using music to praise God has always been a big part of our culture in the Evening Community. Additionally, we realise that everyone connects with God in unique ways, so there is a creative space available if you like to worship by painting, drawing, writing or dancing.

We follow worship with announcements (because is it really Sunday if there’s no announcements?), before diving into the message.

We cover a range of different topics in our Sunday messages. Sometimes we go through a book of the bible, sometimes we explore a particular topic. Also, we don’t just hear from our pastors – we are lucky enough to have a number of gifted speakers in our community who share their hearts.

After the message, we leave space open for prayer ministry so we can support each other through prayer. We usually wrap up the formal part of the service by 6.30pm (or a little after—we try to keep to time!), but be sure to stick around for some supper afterwards!