Supporting Storehouse Families in Lockdown


Hi Church family, we would like to support our Storehouse Families during lockdown – to let them know they are loved and prayed for and that we care about them.

If you would like to support a family, here are some practical ways you can do so:

PRAY – for all our families or support 1 family in prayer

CONTACT – ring a mum to say Hi and have a chat

DONATE – for a care package to our families who are doing it tough, especially the single mums. We will include some fun items and treats for the kids and a couple of pamper items for the mums

DONATE – for grocery cards/groceries

We will also include a card with each care package so if any of our church family kids would like to write a note or draw a picture for a Storehouse child, we can organise for a contactless pickup to include it with a care package.

To help support our Storehouse Families, please contact Jenny Ryan or email the office

You can also give directly into the Storehouse Fund Account here

Please reference it as  CP (for care package) or GROC (for groceries)

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