What’s the story behind Northridge Hornsby?

It all started with a shopping trolley. Well, many shopping trolleys actually.

Northridge Hornsby is a new community of Northridge Vineyard Church.

While living in Thornleigh, Sarah was flicking through the local paper. One headline jumped out at her. Abandoned shopping trolleys were taking over Hornsby like a plague. They were an eyesore and a pain for local residents. No one was taking the problem seriously.

So Sarah and Andrew decided to help. They got some friends together, made some t-shirts and hit the streets, collecting discarded trolleys and returning them to Westfield.

The t-shirts carried a simple message: “We all like shopping trolleys have gone astray.” It was a paraphrase of something an old Hebrew prophet, Isaiah said thousands of years ago, “We all like sheep have gone astray.” He was talking about how people have wandered from God.

When we looked at those abandoned trolleys, well, they just reminded us of us. Lives messed up. Lost. Wandering. Not sure how to get back home. To God, our home.

So we headed out collecting trolleys and praying for the people of Hornsby that they too would find their way home.

And as we did that, God gave us a great love for Hornsby. So Sarah and Andrew moved here. And they started a community of people who share this heart.

We’ve all gone astray. Yet Jesus still rescues and brings us home to God.

That’s great news for everyone in Hornsby.

Curious about Jesus? Looking for a spiritual home in Hornsby? We’d love to see you at our next gathering.

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