Gospel of Mark

Jesus The Beginning Of The End

June 3, 2021 Adam Smyth Evening

The word ‘beginning’ in Mark 1:1 implies an ending, but this gospel has no proper ending. It is good news beginning in the life of Jesus but which continues to unfold in the lives of those who come to share in his identity through belief in him to this very day. Some scholars think that Mark did write an ending, but that the last page of his Gospel was lost. While this is possible, it seems more likely that Mark intended to end his Gospel this way. In many respects, the whole Gospel is a call to faith in the face of trials and suffering. Mark’s readers, who were likely suffering for their faith, have heard the announcement of the resurrection, but they do not see Jesus physically with them. In this way, they are in the same position as the women. Mark’s whole Gospel, including the empty tomb story, is a call for faith instead of fear in the face of an uncertain future? How are we able to carry on the legacy of Jesus today? The call to bring the Gospel to the world is one of perseverance.

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