Justice is a Person

August 17, 2023 Anna Harding Morning

The word ‘justice’ can produce many different responses within the Church. Many of us associate ‘justice’ with a specific cause or ‘issue’, which demands some kind of response from us. Justice is a long and complex theme that is woven throughout the Bible that finds its origins in Genesis, with the very first instance of injustice being found between Cain and Abel. Here, and in many other places throughout scripture, we see that God hears the cries of those in distress or facing injustices. As God sets apart Israel, he reestablishes basic human interactions to demonstrate mercy, compassion and love as fundamental expressions of faith. Ultimately, this is most clearly expressed in Jesus as he seeks to set free those in bondage and heal and transform the lives of those who are abandoned, marginalised or forgotten. Jesus reaches out in love, mercy and compassion to those on the fringes of society, and reveals God’s heart for those who are suffering. As believers, we are called to imitate Jesus and continue to show mercy, compassion and love to all around us.

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