Life on a Mission

Life on a Mission—Mission in education

June 2, 2019 Mandy Anderson Evening

In our final edition of the 'Life on a Mission' interviews, Mandy Anderson interviews two students. ... Listen →

Life on a Mission

Life on a Mission—Mission in media and marketing

May 19, 2019 Peter Sherlock Evening

This week, Pete continues our interviews by talking to two incredible people, Justin Kendall and Sha... Listen →

Life on a Mission

Life on a Mission—Mission in not-for-profit and church life

May 12, 2019 Chris Gresham-Britt Evening

AND THE INTERVIEWS BEGIN!! Chris kicks off our 4 weeks of interviews by talking to Sarah Starr and M... Listen →

Life on a Mission

Life on a Mission—OUR lives on mission

May 5, 2019 Chris Gresham-Britt Evening

Chris continues our series on missional living, highlighting 1 Corinthians and what it looks for all... Listen →

Life on a Mission

Life on a Mission—YOUR life on a mission

April 28, 2019 Peter Sherlock Evening

Pete kicks off our new series, 'Life on a Mission'. In unpacking Colossians 3:18-25, he teaches us h... Listen →

Resurrection Sunday

Easter—The Parable of the Running Father

April 21, 2019 Chris Gresham-Britt Evening

For our Resurrection Sunday message, Chris shares about the Parable of the Running Father (also know... Listen →


Exodus—You have now arrived at your destination

April 14, 2019 Chris Gresham-Britt Evening

In his talk, Chris talks about Moses' final moments on earth where he gets to see the promised land ... Listen →


Exodus—You can’t be all things to all people

April 7, 2019 Ty Soupidis Evening

This week, Ty focuses on the passage where Moses' father in law helps Moses realise the importance o... Listen →


Exodus—You can’t hack it alone

March 31, 2019 Lucy Weil Evening

Continuing on our Exodus series, we read a curious story - the Israelites go to war with the Amaleki... Listen →


Exodus—You can’t survive on yesterday’s mana

March 24, 2019 Jen Gresham-Britt Evening

This week, we hear the story about how God provides for the material needs of the Israelites. Jen ta... Listen →

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