Radically Ordinary Hospitality

March 15, 2024 Anna Harding Morning

Anna kicked off our new series leading into Easter. She spoke on Radically Ordinary Hospitality. How do we invite the people around us to meet and be transformed by Jesus? For much of history, God’s people have gathered around the table. For hundreds of years this is where followers of Jesus met, and where the Gospel spread from a handful of believers to a widespread community throughout the known world. The table is a very ordinary place, so it is easily overlooked as a place of healing and transformation as a community. In the Gospels, Jesus was frequently found to eat and drink with those who were far from God. It is here, at the table with Jesus, that many experience the Father’s warm welcome into God’s family. By setting the table, we too can provide a context where people feel loved, where people feel heard, and a place where God’s Spirit can move

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