How to Connect

It can be tricky to get comfortable in a new environment—here's how to get connected into the Evening Community.

First, join us on a Sunday evening

Sundays are our main weekly gathering. It’s a great place to start—you’ll meet new people, find out what we believe, and have a chance to ask any questions. If you’re keen to join us this Sunday, here’s all the info you’ll need to find us.

Next, say hi to our pastors

If you’re keen to get involved in the community, or you have any questions, Chris and Jen would love to hear from you! You can find out more about our pastors here, or you can get in touch using the contact page.

Join a life group

Sunday gatherings are a great way to meet people, but our midweek life groups are where you get to form deeper relationships, and grow in your faith. Find out more about life groups here, or get in touch here if you want help finding a group.

Come to a welcome dinner

Our welcome dinners are a relaxed, informal chance to meet people from the community and ask any questions about how church works. Dinners aren’t always advertised, so get in touch with Chris or Jen if you’d like to attend.

Get involved and help out

We believe that ‘everyone gets to play’ in the Vineyard, and serving alongside friends is a great way to build deeper relationship. We generally encourage you to come along for a few months before you start serving—it reinforces our value of people for who they are rather than what they do. But once you’ve made Northridge home, we encourage you to get involved! Speak to one of our pastors or serving team to find out more.

Give in financially

We believe that giving is family business—if you’re visiting, you don’t have to give unless you want to. Once you call Northridge home, we encourage you to give financially into the ministry of the church. You can find out more about that here.

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